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Jess & Anne Kerley - April 2017

Blog featured image kerley

Thanks again for your prayers and support. We could not do it without you! ...

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Feed A Family in Perú!

Delands blog post

Here's where we need your help!...

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The Suddeth Family - March 2017

Blog featured image suddeth 1

Teaching & Preaching at Iglesia de La Gracia...

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Opportunities in Columbia - Karyn Conrad

blog featured image conrad 1

These Christians do not take the work of Christ lightly. They recognize the great responsibility that we have to reach the Lost before it is eternally too late. They take the time to share Christ any opportunity they have whether it be on the buses, on the streets, or in the churches etc. Christ and the Great Commission are the center of everything that they do!...

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What Are We Doing? - The Wears Family

blog featured image wears

There have been times on this missionary journey where we have been concerned for our kids. Sometimes we have even asked, “What are we doing to them?”...

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Patrick & Teresa Pruett - Peru - April 2017

pruett featured blog post

We give tracts, preach, or simply share a personal moment with someone who has been through something awful, and show them how they can have an eternal hope. A hope that lasts even when it seems like all hope has been lost....

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Pray for Peru - The DeLands

Delands blog post

This abnormal surge in rainfall has caused numerous mudslides throughout various regions of Perú, causing the rivers to overflow and wreak havoc and destruction along their uncertain path....

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A Conversation with Jade - Nick LaRocca

blog featured image larocca 1

I did not know it yet, but He was not going to let me leave that dark place without shining His light....

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Emergency in Peru - The Pruetts

Copy of state of emergency

In the last few days, there has been ten times the amount of rain seen annually. This has caused massive mudslides and flooding on a level Peru has never seen. Due to the fact that none of this was expected, and have come in the form of flash floods, thousands have been displaced. Many have lost everything they own. Lives have been lost....

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Live from Cieneguilla Peru - The Wollbrinks

blog featured image wollbrink 1

After we all sat down, she shared with us how she had just had a special sonogram done the day before, and the doctors found nothing! She has a clean bill of health! We continue to praise God for this great work-- Jehova Raphah - God is your healer!...

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