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Recent News from France

sirmons blog image new

Continue to pray for our many contacts that they will come to faith in Jesus Christ and pass from spiritual darkness to the light of Christ. ...

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In our August update, we talked about waiting. Now the operative word is anticipation. The airports are now opening in Guyana and we are anticipating returning to our ministry....

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Rainy Season

daniel fam blog picture

What if I wanted the Lord Jesus to return as badly as I wanted the rain to fall?...

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Face-To-Face Ministry!

Suddeth Blog Image 2019

It was, and is, good to be able to do some face-to-face ministry once again!...

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Wollbrink Family

This weekend we celebrated the baptisms of Maritza, Walter, Gary, and Katherine. In our church we invite the new believer's "cuidador" to help baptize them. This is the person who disciples this new believer and in most cases was key in leading them to Christ....

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Our New Home!

reaves blog image

I hope this story blessed you tremendously as much as we have been blessed!...

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Looking Back

blog featured image rogers 2

We join the Psalmist and stand in awe and wonder at everything the Lord has done over the last five years in Mérida, Yucatan!...

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We Are Back!

Patton Blog Featured Image 2020

It has been great to get back into the ministry here once again....

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God is Good & Faithful

Suddeth Blog Image 2019

God is good and faithful. He is worthy of our lives and our obedience....

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Reaching Out

harper blog gf mc

Grief can make one wonder why we are left here while our loved ones are taken. This has been a hurdle for me with the conclusion that God has allowed me to live so I must continue to live for Him....

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