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Fruitfulness During the Pandemic

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In spite of the restrictions and obstacles, this year has been very productive for us....

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Gathering for Worship

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On Thursday, October 29, we received permission from the Ministry of Health to have church services....

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Blessings on Blessings

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Our ministry in Peru continues from afar as well. We were able to hit our goal of $1000 to buy phones and purchase internet for our church members so they can continue to take part in church services...

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Unity in Sevilla

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Pray for us as we use it to combat the spiritual indifference that is prevalent in our Sevilla....

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Hungary News

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These have been busy days at our church in Esztergom as well....

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In Everything Give Thanks

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Looking back over the past 8 months of quarantine here in Peru it might seem difficult to find things that we are thankful for. This would be true if our hope were in man and not in God....

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Evidência de Fé

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Language acquisition & Doctors visits during Covid. ...

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Inspiring Examples

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When we open our front door and look up and down the street, we don’t know of anyone else in sight who is saved. We are trying to use each encounter (with the cashier at the grocery store, with the next person in line at the post office, with the neighbor over the fence, or with a teacher at school) as a conversation that can point that person to hope in Christ....

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Recent News from France

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Continue to pray for our many contacts that they will come to faith in Jesus Christ and pass from spiritual darkness to the light of Christ. ...

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In our August update, we talked about waiting. Now the operative word is anticipation. The airports are now opening in Guyana and we are anticipating returning to our ministry....

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