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Publish His Grace

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This world seems to be going ever deeper into rejecting the whole notion of God, yet the gospel message of salvation by God's grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ is the only real hope for anyone who will believe....

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Weddings and God's Supply

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It’s exciting to see these couples growing in the Lord and to see them continuing on in the face of resistance! ...

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Out of the Ordinary and into Reality

Puckett Blog Image

"God has a way of filling up my time. I let Him be the organizer of my schedule."...

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Preparation for Budapest

patton blog 2018

One of our goals in planting the church is to reach out to the university students, as we know that they are the future leaders of Hungary....

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Time to Build!

daniel 1

We are very excited about moving forward with the next phase of construction. ...

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Pray For Me Campaign

suddeth 2018 blog image

It goes without saying that prayer for our youth is an incredible ministry, but God is also using this ministry as a tool to help us build relationships and trust with more and more pastors. ...

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Watch What God Can Do

pruett blog

Preach the gospel, let the Holy Spirit work, and watch what God can do!...

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Missions At The Farm

daniel jan 2019 blog image

We knew the seed had been planted but were so grateful to hear of Pedro’s decision to trust Christ (even if the news took a while to get to us)....

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Prayers Answered

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While many indigenous Christians express great appreciation for the seminars, the ultimate goal is to train them to reach other villages with the gospel....

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Merry Christmas

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Here are the “Eight Best Moments” since our last update. ...

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