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Thank you for all of your prayers! Karis is doing much better with her diabetes. Right after her diagnosis we were going to the doctor several times per month, but now things have slowed down quite a bit. The doctors are pleased with how things are going and this, of course, is great news! We are still waiting on the pump. We were initially told she would be getting it in September, but now they are saying maybe next month or possibly after the new year. But again, we don’t feel like there is any rush since things are going quite well. She has regular appointments with her heart doctor, as well, and right now their only concern is how her sugar levels are affecting her heart condition. Her last holter monitor did show some variations in the rhythms of her heart. Because of this we will be repeating the holter test next month to see if we can figure out exactly when, and if, her sugar is affecting things.

Zoe is also doing well! Because of Covid, her doctor has decided it is best to wait on reinserting the device for her heart. Our doctor has been concerned about us being at the hospital and the increased risk of exposure to the virus. We are so thankful for this doctor especially - what a blessing she is to us! 


The kids are back in school and Dave and I are both back to studying with a Portuguese tutor. We’ve also been blessed with a tutor for our kids! Dave asked one of his former teachers from the university if we could pay him to teach our kids. And he agreed! He is a great teacher and so patient and kind. We are hoping and praying that they will be able to learn the language quickly!

Dave has also started making videos in Portuguese. He is teaching about biblical faith and while these are helping him learn the language, we are also praying that they will be useful and helpful to the people here in Portugal. Please pray that God will use these to show others the truth of the gospel!

We are also grateful for those who gave monetary gifts for Karis and an increase in support.

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