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A Baptism in Spain

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Family Life:

We've been fortunate to have been introduced to some new friends who are also missionaries in our city. They are from Canada and are serving at another church nearby. For all of us, the relationship has been especially nourishing both emotionally and spiritually. We are thanking God for the labourers he's raising up at Oasis as well as others who we are just now getting to know. God's people are everywhere!

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Peters Aug 3Church Life: Davíd and Santi were recently baptized on a Sunday morning. Many from our church family woke up early to drive to a lake and see them baptized before morning service. Check out the baptism video at the bottom of this letter and praise God with us for what He is doing! 

We have been searching for a meeting place for services outside of our living room, but at the moment, that all seems to be on hold. God has brought us unity throughout this confinement time, and as a church body, we are growing closer together in Christ.


We went to an event held by a few business owners with whom we are very close. They consider us family, and while there we had opportunity to get to know many others as well as reestablish old relationships.

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Pray for Tamara and her daughter Indira. They have been our friends for a while now and we have shared Christ with them extensively. Tamara has had a rough life and little to no experience with Jesus and the concept of grace. Little by little we are able to expose the Gospel to them in word and deed and it is obvious that Holy Spirit is working in their hearts. God give us wisdom!

Please keep in touch with us through email, social medias, etc. & thank you for your part in building God's Kingdom in Spain!

Mike, Jen, Jack, Ollie & Henry



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