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A Month of Change

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Dear Co-Laborers in Christ,

October was a month of change for us. At the beginning of the month we flew into the States to start our second furlough, but this time with two children in tow. We traipsed through the Lima airport with 4 carry-on suitcases, 4 backpacks, 1 car seat, a stroller and 2 sleeping children. Having to get everything on the plane, without assistance, was a challenge. Thankfully when we landed, the airline assisted us all the way past baggage claims. We were able to collect all 9 duffle bags and our other car seat (along with what we brought on the plane). The Lord blessed us with a quick stop at customs, with just questioning and not a full search of all our belongings. We were thankful for all the prayers that lifted us up while we traveled. It was through you that the Lord blessed us with a smooth transition Stateside.

The Lord also provided lodging and a car for us to use while we are here. The place we are staying has been a major blessing in our lives. It is a basement apartment in a nice widow’s home. Her home is in the middle of a wildlife preserve, so there are plenty of trees and animals around. A stark contrast to the dry desert of Lima. It has been a wonderfully quiet and calm place to recuperate.

While here, it has also been a blessing to be able to witness to people, in our area, and people we meet throughout our daily life, in English. You take for granted the blessing of not having to look for words when witnessing in your own language, and we are blessed for it to rolls off the tongue while sharing His Word. It has been a huge blessing to sing in English and to hear God’s Word in English, in person too. We pray this furlough will be a huge healing time for us to prepare us for our return to Peru.

There has been much to do since we have been back. We have visited some of our supporting churches. Patrick has preached 6 messages.  We have participated in visitation programs, and we have spent time with family. The children have experienced many differences in countries. We are now preparing for our first road trip, visiting churches up the East coast. We will be traveling for November and stop for Christmas at Teresa’s family’s home. It will be a challenge traveling with the kids for the first time, so we covet your prayers.

Although haven’t even been back more than a month, we have to begin working on our return to Peru. We need to raise 43% more support to reach full support and we need help. We also are looking into resources to take back with us to Peru to help our next church plant. If you are interested in helping with either area, please contact us via email  or through out Facebook page at “Pruetts in Peru”. If you would like us to come by and visit you, please let us know and we can work out a date. Most importantly, we are ever so thankful for you. We can not do what God has asked us to do without you. Thank you!

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