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A New Season - Update from the Todds

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 These are awesome, exciting days in the life of this ministry as God is doing new things!

Todd July Update 1

One thing I'm most thrilled about is the development of Team Bernadette. As most of you know, for the past 14 years we have been sharing the gospel message of love and salvation across the globe. As Jeff and I travel, ministering to the spiritual needs of others, we often see physical needs both locally and abroad, that we are unable to meet. One such place was the Broward Girls Academy, a 30-bed residential detention facility for at-risk teenage girls with serious to severe mental disturbance.

Earlier this year, the Lord opened an incredible door, within the Department of Juvenile Justice, for me to begin a faith-based enrichment program at the facility. At first I thought, "Me...a woman who cannot move her build up and fortify 30 severely troubled myself?" It was then that the idea of Team Bernadette Mentorship Program was born–an avenue in which I could mentor women for leadership as well as expand the reach of my ministry. Team Bernadette allows me to continue sharing the Gospel message with people…and also now show them this message through practical outreaches.

Team Bernadette Mentorship Program is a deeply experiential, hands on, learning environment where 12 women, from various churches, are invited to walk alongside me in a personal way as I serve in ministry. My mentorship objective is to equip, empower, and encourage women to become God's instrument of evangelism and restoration in her community and ultimately discover and realize her leadership and ministry potential.

Here's what's Happening

Bolivia Mission of Hope
(July 20 - August 3)

Jeff and I are going back to Bolivia, for the 7th time, to work alongside CRU (formally known as Campus Crusade for Christ). Our primary focus will be personal evangelism and outreach through my testimony. I'll be speaking in schools, universities, churches, shelters in both Montero and Santa Cruz. We will also visit our favorite orphanages and deliver toys.

Art, Creativity & Evangelism
(August 20)
Team Bernadette will host a special "Art Day" at the Broward Girls Academy! Our objective will be to use art to bring healing, show love, and open a door for great conversation about the love and hope of Jesus. Art day will begin with me sharing a Bible story and then a local artist, with the assistance of the Team, will take the girls step by step through a corresponding painting with specific instruction and lots of fun. In the end, they each will have their very own masterpiece illustration of what they just heard.

Team Bernadette Goes to Jail
(August 6)
Team Bernadette and I will minister to female inmates at the South Dade Correctional Facility. I will speak in the Chapel Service and afterwards the Team will be available to counsel and pray with inmates for their requests and concerns. We are also planning to bless each prisoner with a special lunch and a devotional book so they can practice having a quiet time with the Lord.

Team Bernadette to Serve on Navajo Indian Reservation
(September 13-19)
Team Bernadette will embark on their first mission trip with me! We will go to Gallop, New Mexico to serve on the Navajo Indian Reservation. We will work with Creator’s Fellowship to reach out to the local community. The Team will present the Gospel through drama and serve as decision counselors each time I speak. We will minister to the homeless by feeding and distributing shoes to those in need. Our goal is to put NEW shoes on the feet of 50 children and possibly 50 senior citizens as funds allow. Can you help us?

How You Can Help

Help us by Giving

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We need your financial support like never before as we venture out in faith to do even greater things through our ministry. We do not charge for any of our outreach events (like Art Day) or the items we give to those we serve (like shoes). We are still in the process of raising support for our Navajo trip. You can help us put shoes on 50 Navajo children and 50 seniors by giving a one-time gift. Click the "donate" button to give with a credit card or bank transfer! All gifts are tax deductible.

Help us by Praying

Jeff and I need your prayers as the Lord stretches us into a new ministry direction with Team Bernadette. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as we begin the above mentioned projects, and that the necessary funds will be provided in the right timing. Pray also for our upcoming trips to Bolivia and the Navajo Indian Reservation. Pray for Team Bernadette as each lady steps out of her comfort zone each time we serve together. Pray for courage and strength!

To Our Supporters
THANK YOU for your continued generosity and your willingness to support our ministry. It is because of your support that we're able to do these evangelistic outreaches and trips. We are honored by the trust your support demonstrates, and grateful for your commitment to work together in the task of reaching our world for Jesus.

Bernadette Todd

International Missionary and Speaker
Global Faith Mission Agency
Special Projects Division

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