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Reminders of His Faithfulness

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Psalms 36:5-“Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens;  and Thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.”  God continues to amaze us with reminders of His mercy and faithfulness!

We are finishing our first term in the school year. It’s been very exciting to see some of our teachers get saved, and extra exciting to see them working to learn and grow in the Lord! Many students in the school, including several of the orphans, have also gotten saved! Many of them have gotten baptized as well. We never tire of seeing their smiles as they come out of the water! 

telman may 19 2Please pray for the dayschoolers that have repented, but whose families do not come to the church.  Pray that they will have an impact on their family.

Bible College continues to increase. We are up to 53 students total in the two classes. Michelle has also started a Ladies’ Bible Study. She has an English class with some of the teachers and secondary students, and a Luganda class with the ladies from Bible college. We’re seeing much growth both in numbers and in maturity.

The churches that the two men in our church are planting continue to move forward as well.  Moses began Sunday services in Luwengo the first Sunday of the month. They are meeting under a tree at the house of one of the members. George William is looking at land to purchase to build a church building in Endegeya. They have been meeting in the house of one of their members. Please pray as they continue to determine how God is leading as they move forward.

It’s been amazing to see God provide in so many different ways to get closer to finishing our secondary school building. The roof is finished, and they are working on finishing the flooring, walls, and office ceiling. We’re very close to having all we need to complete it all, and we’re looking forward to seeing how God will provide the rest. He is faithful!

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God has also blessed our gardens.  We had our biggest yield this season with 660 pound of beans and 1,800 pounds of maize. That provides food for the school for about 1 month. That’s about how much the garden produced last year in the two growing seasons combined. 

We had an interesting surprise recently when two police officers showed up one evening to take our van claiming it had been stolen. A man was claiming that he had purchased the van before us, had fallen short on payments, and the man he had bought it from said he found someone (us) to rent the van. The middle man seemed to have disappeared. We prayed, and God answered in a mighty way!  These kinds of circumstances usually take very long to sort out here, but God guided Jim through the process and gave him favor with just the right people. They were able to locate the salesman who confirmed & had proof that the accuser had sold the van. Jim drove the van home, and the accuser went to jail.  “For Thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt Thou compass him as with a shield.”  (Psalms 5:12). Praise the Lord!

Michelle was able to go back to the States in February for the arrival of our first granddaughter, Kallie Amora Slater. We’re thankful for modern technology that allows us to see her from across the miles, but we’re looking forward to our furlough next year a little bit more.   

Amanda is finishing her second and final year as a student at Word of Life in Hungary.  She’s looking forward to doing another internship at our home church this summer. She then plans to return to Word of Life as the Assistant Dean of Women in the fall.  We’re thankful for and are encouraged by her heart for ministry. Please pray for her as she will also need to raise support this summer for this unpaid ministry position next year.  

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Thank you to each one of you who cares about our family and our ministry, who prays for us, and who supports us financially. All the good God is doing here is to your benefit as well. May He bless you for your care and sacrifices!      


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