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A Wheelchair for Aline

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Our Joni and Friends wheelchair distribution in Recife and then at the Refugio was a result of many years of praying!  
Following this outreach, there were still 23 extra wheelchairs left over that we would be able to distribute.  

And not even a day of rest went by before the calls started coming in. The needs were great and we could see our work was not yet over. 

 We were soon made aware of a young lady named Aline. She had been in a coma for the past eight months and happened to live in Feira de Santana, several states away.

We promised to go visit as soon as we could, as her mother, Josie was anxious to get her up from her bed.

Camp Refuge 19 3In a few short days, we were able to make the trip, meet Aline in her home, and bring hope and encouragement to her mother and family. We prayed with Aline and shared the gospel with her. We assured her that God loved her! Jn 3:16

Taking her measurements, Monte and I discussed her needs for a special wheelchair. We told Aline's mother that we were leaving for the U.S. in less than a week, but would be able to adapt a wheelchair, and upon our return would present it to Aline. 
However, Josie decided that waiting even a  month later was not an option. She would make the trip to the Refugio the very next Saturday to pick up the wheelchair and return Sunday morning. (A quick 24- hour trip!)
 We were still in Feira de Santana and Josie actually beat us to the Refugio!

We had three and a half hours to build a wheelchair that fit Aline with all of her special needs. 

Camp Refuge Sept 19 2

Camp Refuge Sept 19 1God is faithful and so good.....The wheelchair was a perfect fit and Aline is now outdoors, sitting in her sunny garden. 

Pray that Aline and her family will find hope in Christ

Pray for our upcoming Joni and Friends WFTW outreaches

Pray for our camp in November

Praise God for all of His Blessings in providing these special wheelchairs in Northeast Brazil

Luke 14:21 "Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame."

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