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A Year In Review

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Greetings from Peru!
We all know the saying, “Prayer changes things,” but often I don’t think that we really believe it until we see it in action.  We need prayer, always, and thank you for your prayers on our behalf. The power of God is real in our lives and we would like to share how He has been working in Cusco, Peru.

Contacting previous members – In one of our last updates we asked for prayer in contacting previous church members for our anniversary service.  We were able to contact several of them and have received good responses. Some live close by and have visited the church, while others have moved but said that our contacting them was a wake-up call for them to draw closer to God once more.

Jail ministry- We previously worked in a Christian school in Lima, Peru, and in the past few months Eric was able to contact one of his former students who is in jail. He was relocated to a facility right down the road from us and Eric has been able to visit him on Saturdays and is sharing the word with him. Please pray for his salvation.

Unsaved family members- In the past week, several of the unsaved husbands of ladies who attend our church have been experiencing serious health problems. This has opened the door for us to once again share salvation with them. Please pray for their recovery and salvation.

Ministering to church families- As a result of outreach efforts, people moving closer, and reestablishing contact with those who haven’t been faithfully attending, we have seen an increase in entire families attending the church which is something that we have prayed for this year. Please pray with us that we would know how to best minister to these young families in our church.

Children’s ministries- Since we have four children our Sunday school ministry was mostly our family; however, since we have returned from furlough, we have seen an increase in children attending with or without their parents. Before we had maybe five or six children on Sunday morning, and now we consistently have about 25 between two classes with around 8-10 returning on Sunday night or Wednesday night with their families. We also started a Bible club on Saturdays during the school year. We run between 15-20 kids each week. Both of these ministries need many workers and currently we have only the leadership and a few volunteers willing to serve. We will be holding some teacher training classes every Wednesday night in November and have at least four potential workers interested. Please pray for our members to see that “the harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.”

Discipleship- Our ministry verse from the start has been 2 Timothy 2:2, “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” We are constantly praying for this ministry because it is our desire to see our members grow in their spiritual walk. We have discipled many over the years and have seen several grow in maturity to the point where we feel they are ready to fulfill the second part of the verse and “teach others also.” We are currently working with 3-4 members each and often have new people interested in one-on-one discipleship.  Please pray that our disciples will be so committed to Christ that their utmost desire is to share their faith with others and continue teaching the Word. 

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Lastly, with so many avenues of ministry and demands on our time between preaching, teaching Sunday school, leading Bible Club, discipleship, visiting the sick, visiting members, counseling, attending to other church needs, homeschool, and family life, it is easy to get overwhelmed or to find our schedules in constant upheaval.  “Prayer changes things,” but only when we pray!  Please pray that we would not neglect our first ministry to personal spiritual growth, our relationship to each other and to our family, and that we would find balance in all things with the Lord’s help.

We thank God for all He has done this year and what He plans to do in us and through us in the future.
In Him,
Eric, Casandra, Joshua, Steven, Gabriela and Judah Pardine
2 Timothy 2:2

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