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Almost There

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Have you heard the exciting news? We bought our plane tickets! Our flight leaves on November 7 and as you can imagine, we are filled with excitement (and we’re a little nervous, too :) Our house has been a disaster as we pack things up. It’s difficult to decide what to take and what to leave behind. But little by little, things are coming together and we thank you for praying for us and encouraging us all along the way.

Several things have happened these last few months that we need to mention. First, Karis’ genetic test came back positive for Long QT Syndrome. This is not the news we or the doctor were expecting. But, as we learn in life, things do not always go as we expect. And while we do not understand or even like the results, we know that God is good and that His way is best. Karis started her medication and we are happy to tell you that she is doing great! She has had no complications and we are so thankful to God for this.

Secondly, our pediatric cardiologist was able to get in contact with another cardiologist in Lisbon, Portugal. We have been informed that we will be able to get all the medications that we need in Portugal. This is a huge praise for us! It’s nice to know that we will no longer need to look at having medications mailed to us each year.

We are also grateful for all of those who attended our commissioning service! It was so wonderful to connect with some of you. We have also picked up some extra support and we are now at 96%! We would still love to be at 100% by the time that we leave and we ask for your prayers that God will provide this.

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Please also pray for us as we head to New York this week. We are scheduled to meet with the Portuguese consulate on October 4 as part of our visa requirements. According to their website, we should have our visas within 30 days of our meeting. This puts us pretty close to our departure date, but we at least have a couple of extra days in there :)

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