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Dear Co-laborers,

August has been quite a month. We had our first missions group visit us, a huge children's event, our anniversary, and many more things that we are excited to share with you all!

We started the month off with our first missions group, visiting us from Ohio. We had a wonderful week with them, and it was a massive blessing to be able to spend time with one of our supporting churches. We did some fun things, but were also able to have them here to help us with one of our largest yearly outreaches, our children's event with all the children of Huaycan.

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Every year we put together a large show for the children of Huaycan that takes up a whole Saturday. There are clowns, face painting, music, prizes, food and a show focusing on the gospel of Christ. This year we counted 150 people in attendance. There were as many adults as children. It took weeks of preparation. It took time, money, and lots of work; but it was truly worth every bit to see souls saved. Five accepted Christ as their Savior. What a blessing it was!

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The event was also special because it was the first with our new pastor, Augustin. It also had a much larger reach, spreading outside of out village, and this year we focused a bit more on adults, as well as children, by purchasing small appliances to give away. With the help of the missions group, we canvased the area to attract as many families as we could, and had a great turn out. The missions group helped us decorate and prepare. They were a huge blessing for us during this busy time.

This month we also celebrated anniversaries. The first anniversary we celebrated was the first year anniversary of the church. We had a special Sunday with special music, cake and food, and Patrick preached to commemorate the occasion. The missions group was also there to join us in the celebration, and helped us with the food. It was a beautiful time to fellowship and remember what God has done. The second anniversary that we celebrated was our 11th marriage anniversary. We are truly thankful to the Lord for the years He has given us to be together.

We ask for prayer over our ministry. We are in the process of handing over more responsibilities to the new pastor and church to help it become more self sustaining. We are in the process of trying to find “the holes” that will be left when we transition out and train more leaders to help in those areas. If you can, please join us in prayer for wisdom, guidance, trainable hearts, and a smooth transition.

On a personal note, keep the family in prayer. Both kids are sick as the weather is transitioning to summer. With all the work and stress everyone needs a bit of a breather, but coming up for air sometimes can be difficult to do. We covet your prayers for our survival. Please pray with us that it is a simple and easy fix.

As always, thank you so much for your support and prayers. We love to hear from you because without you, we could do none of this.

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