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Answer To Prayer!

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ANSWER TO PRAYER! If I have learned anything in nearly 30 years of pulpit ministry, it is that without prayer you can accomplish nothing of value.  I certainly don’t take for granted the importance of putting the right partnerships together for our ministry – partnerships that go well beyond a financial commitment – but partnerships that support us with prayer.  One month ago I asked for prayer regarding our evangelistic crusades and our annual youth camp.  God answered in a big way!  In all services combined we saw 44 people give their life to Christ and 11 of those were baptized on our last Sunday of evangelistic focus!

DOORS OPENING: With the influx of Venezuelan refugees still flowing into Guyana, we are seeing many Warau Indians coming across the border as well.  In Guyana the Warau people speak English, and most do not speak their native language.  However, those coming from Venezuela are Warau speakers, which creates a challenge to our ministry to effectively engage them.  One of the Warau families came to me in early July with a very sick little girl to ask for prayer.  As is so common these dear people come with no money for medicine or modern health care, but they do come with a faith that prayer can change things.  In this case I prayed over the little girl burning hot with fever and obvious infection.  We then carried her to a nearby clinic – with very limited care available.  In less than 24 hours the fever was gone and the little girl was on her feet!  Her father reached Pastor Paul and told him that he was going to move his family near to our church to where he could learn more about God.  Paul showed him the TTI training we have available and he is excited about becoming a disciple of Jesus – a God who hears and answers prayer!  As a Warau speaker he could be the key to opening the door to the entire Warau people in Northwestern Guyana.  Near the Venezuelan border later in the month a Warau family came to me – not able to speak a word of English – asking me to pray over their very sick child.  Pastor Norbert and I prayed and God moved in a big way.  The following day the boy was up, with a smile on his face, coming to see us to say thank you.  After that the entire family came to every service – still not able to understand English – but happy to worship a God who hears and answers prayer!  Please, take some time today, and pray for the gospel doors to open for the Warau people.

YOUTH CAMP TAKEAWAY: I could easily write an entire letter just to tell you about the amazing things God did through our Linked Youth Camp.  He supplied the resources, put together the team, and pulled together the many logistical challenges necessary to make things happen.  So many beautiful stories of life change.  One boy who had just recently threatened his family with a chainsaw (yes, a chainsaw), was convinced to come to camp at the very last minute.  He gave his heart to Jesus on the 2nd day, and then had the courage to stand in front of a crowd of his local villagers, to share how Christ had saved him and changed him!  The takeaway from camp is this – we have a huge open door to reach youth.  I am more inspired and energized than before about what God can do through the youth in Guyana!  If we change the youth with the power of the gospel, we change the trajectory of the future of the nation.


  1. Our home and rental home in Jacksonville have not yet sold.
  2. Two former students are praying about a possible future in serving in Guyana on our team.
  3. We need churches to come on board to support us in Guyana.
  4. We need funding for our ministry campus in Guyana (work has begun). Great things in store!
  5. Two sons in the Army and our oldest who lives and works in South Carolina.

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