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Answering God's Call to Uganda

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“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) Whenever people get together, a certain virus almost always enters into the conversation somehow. It’s no surprise with all the difficulties it has brought into the lives of everyone. But God! Those of us that love Him have such a beautiful promise, and we have seen Him use Covid for good over and over again.

As most of you probably know, Jim and Michelle were both in the hospital with Covid in February. Even during that time, God reminded us repeatedly that He was still in control and working things for good. God provided financially and in other ways through many people, and we are thankful for every one of them. Michelle is taking Bible classes, and it was obviously a bit more difficult while in the hospital. There was a Christian nurse that we had that (unknowingly through her own testimony) provided just the right encouragement needed to finish the schoolwork that needed to be done. Our children were fine while they were home without us because God gave them peace “which passeth all understanding.”

Shortly after leaving the hospital, the doctor asked us some "what ifs", including what if we couldn’t go back to Uganda until much later or not at all. We told him it’s in God’s hands. Jim had Covid pneumonia and was especially sick, but God has given us both enough healing to be able to continue traveling to visit churches. We have been praying that we would all be able to go to Brazil for Amanda’s wedding. Ticket prices are lower now, and our tickets to Uganda and our tickets to Brazil total less than what we had budgeted for just our return to Uganda. God is so good!

Sunday services continue (with some restrictions) in Uganda, and we were excited to get the report that 5 people got saved on Sunday. Please praise God with us, and please pray for their spiritual growth.Telman_church1

The schools have also been opening slowly and with an adjusted schedule. Our P7 and S4 students took their exams and are in the painful time of waiting. Right now the plan we’re hearing for all Uganda is that schools will start the next school year in August which is when we are planning to return. This may sound normal to most of you, but the typical school year there starts in February. August will be the first time many of them have been in school since March of 2020. Plans have repeatedly changed, so please be in prayer for each of these students and for the staff as we all return and try to find the new normal.

Telman_Church2We were blessed to have all our children together for the last weekend in April to celebrate our grandson’s first birthday and the birthdays of Emily and JT. Jocelyn was able to fly up from Pensacola for the weekend. It was encouraging to be all together. Amanda flew to Brazil the following week to finalize preparations for the wedding.

As always, we appreciate all the prayers and financial support you give to us and to our ministry. Please continue to pray for our family through our travels that God will grant us safety and good health.

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