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Arce Family Update - Venezuela

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Quickly Running out of space!

Last month (July), we celebrated Venezuela's Independence Day with an amazing service! With close to 200 people in church that day, we literally had folks in every corner or space we could find. You could call it organised chaos if you would. We've realised that we're quickly arriving to the point where we'll soon have to have multiple services. We're praying and planning as best we can so that the transition does not hurt the church, but instead, challenge our folks to keep growing as we have been doing so far. We need your prayers during this growing and changing process. With God's blessing, it's gonna be great.

Since the lack of space has become a problem in our church lately, we've begun planning, working, and proceeding by faith as to how God would lead us to build our church on our recently purchased 62,000 square ft property.

We've already started working with ground movement and drilling for foundations. God has provided us with an incredible team of architects and engineers who have been working with us for free. You heard right - FREE.

They met with us and said: "Pastor Dan, we know God will provide the funds, and when he does, you can pay us. Until then, we will not charge the church anything." I've been moved to tears so many times during this whole process.

After much prayer and some exciting planning times with some of our ministry partners, as well as our Pastor and Missions Director, we've decided to go to the states for a 30 day Capital Campaign Fund Raiser for this whole construction project which we've called "Project Faith Boots"

My brother Steve and I will be leaving Sept 1st and will be returning back to Venezuela on Oct 1st to begin construction.
We're very excited to see what God is going to do. Our travels will be in Tennessee, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Illinois. We'll be keeping everyone up to date through Facebook, Twitter and through email.

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare our church for this 30 day faith trail and as we prepare ourselves to present this amazing project to the people God has set before us.


On a more personal note, please continue to pray for our son Brian who just had surgery last week. He's recovering well and feeling much better.

As for me, I suffered an injury 2 months ago and the final test results show a ruptured disc. It hurts quite a lot some times, but I've started a rigorous weight loss routine in order to be able to have surgery in a few months - We trust God that it will go well.

Please continue to pray for our safety here in Venezuela every day. It's a challenge to remain safe and out of harms way, but we have truly been blessed with God's protection over our family. Keep Venezuela in your thoughts and prayers too.

We want to thank everyone who takes the time to pray for us. We appreciate it greatly and we can feel it too. Thank you for your continued support as well.

Dan Arce