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A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps...

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Celebrating 19 years...

For the first time in almost four years I was able to take my wife out somewhere nice for our anniversary. When you are in Liberia there is nowhere to go and nothing to do so birthdays, anniversaries, and most holidays are pretty bland and can almost lose their meaning if you are not careful. So I surprised her. I booked a nice bed and breakfast in the Chattanooga area. We agreed to go out for lunch on our anniversary but she didn't know we were staying somewhere. So we ate a nice lunch and then went to walk around the Bluff View Art District in Chattanooga. My wife is hard to surprise because she is pretty smart and she knows me very well. I had to enlist the help of our kids. I packed an overnight bag while she wasn't looking and then I ran interference while they hid it in the car. There were a couple of times I thought she was going to find it, but I got lucky. While we were walking around she started to get suspicious because I kept trying to get her to go into the building where you check in for the B&B. When we finally went in I told her. We ended up having a wonderful time. It was good to just get away for a little while and spend some time together, it is something we have not done for a long time. 

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Proverbs 16:9 - A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps...

I have been struggling for some time about what to do about our future ministry in Liberia. Our housing plans, the football ministry, everything just seems up in the air right now.  I was planning to try and raise some money to build a house, a chapel, and a nice field for our team and our family. Fund raising has not been going so well lately and I was starting to get discouraged when I got a call from another missionary in Gbarnga. He said he has recently moved to the property where our practice field is located and he just wanted us to know that we are welcome to continue using the area.  We will also be able to expand it to a full size field, level it with a machine, and fix it as nice as we want. He even suggested that we build a little shelter for chapel services and devotions!  Having a field to host games as well as for the team will expand the possibilities as well!  Praise the Lord! I am excited for these kids!  That is not all: shortly after that call I was able to meet with a few people from Ambassador Football. When we first came back to the States I heard a man named Aaron Tredway speak at a church as a guest speaker. He was a soccer player who had ministered all over the world. I was intrigued by what he had to say so I decided to try and reach out to him and see if he would maybe give me some advice about our ministry. He gladly accepted and we had a very encouraging meeting. I explained to him our ministry and what we were doing in Liberia. He asked a lot of questions about my testimony and our call to missions and then asked what my vision was for the team. So I explained everything at length. When I was finished he said that is almost exactly what they do at Ambassador Football. He then explained to me that they had people in Liberia working in Monrovia. Then he called the director for Ambassador Liberia.  A man named William Tarpeh (pictured above) who was a well known 1st division player during the time George Weah played.  He quickly set up a meeting between us so we could meet that day.  William told me about how he has tried for years to establish a program in Liberia, but it is just not taking hold. Several men have been through the training but they always have money problems. They have a man who is the current acting director but they don't know how well he will do. It is my hope that they will be willing to include us in their program to not only promote what we are doing in Gbarnga, but to also expand it throughout the country.  We also spoke briefly about his last trip to Liberia and he said he was helping with a library project and very concerned with the literacy problems as well. I told him about Jennifer's heart to help in the schools and with literacy and he got really excited. It seems like the Lord has put this all together. I am asking you to pray that God would cement it somehow so we could be sure that this is his will for us. This could be a huge helping hand for our team if everything works out. Thank you for praying!

Matthew 7:7 -  Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Time is moving by faster than it seems since we began our furlough. What that means for us is that we need your help!  If you know any churches, individuals, or small groups that may in interested in hearing about Liberia over the next few months please contact us. We have to raise some additional monthly support while we are home if we can. We are currently visiting supporting churches to report back, but we also are touching base with some of the churches that I contacted before to see if God will open a door for us somewhere. So if you know someone who would be willing to let us come, please contact us so we can get you on our schedule.

Also, I would ask you to pray for Jennifer, her Dad, and her Step-Mother. Jennifer has been staying in Columbus for the past week helping her dad because he just had surgery. She is also helping to take care of her Step-Mother who has dementia. Please pray for Jennifer because I know she feels pulled in several directions right now. Pray for her dad that he will recover from his surgery, and pray for Nancy her step-mother who seems to be getting progressively worse in her condition.

Just a word of warning...

If you live in the Chattanooga area you need to be careful. Julia has her driving permit and could be practicing on a road near you. Seriously though, we were finally able to get insurance coverage for her so she could start practicing so she can get her license. As soon as I returned home from getting that insurance, we jumped in the car to let her practice in a church parking lot. I gained about a hundred new gray hairs just from changing seats with her.  Part of our planned time home is specifically to get our oldest daughter ready for the next steps in her life. She has not decided what she wants to do just yet. She is finishing her senior year in high school and has talked about staying in America when we return to Liberia. She will be 18 in March so we are taking some time this year to try and get her settled and have a plan for her if she decides to stay. Her current plans are to take this year and try to work, go to school, and just get used to America again. She is a very smart young lady and I know the Lord has some amazing plans for her life. Please pray for Julia, that God would give her guidance over this year to direct her where she needs to go.

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