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At Home for Christmas

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Merry Christmas,

October and November were filled with "at home" projects. Jess ran wire for smoke detectors, completed the gas piping, and installed lighting and A/C at our home church where we are building a new children's building. He also did some electrcal work at Blazing Hope Ranch. Additionally, we were able to send "Jesus Films" and solar chargers with several different missionaries.

The Lord knew we needed to be close to home at this time because first Anne's mom fell and sustained a brain bleed. She had two stays in the hospital during that time and then came back to our house for us to take care of her and help her as she gained strength again. Then Jess unexpectedly needed cataract surgery which has put him out of commission as far as working on missions projects for 4-6 weeks. Anne is acting as full-time nurse, which she is happy to do for Mom and Jess. There are two prayer requests we would love for you to bring before the Lord. Both patients are doing well.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and praise God for giving us the best Christmas gift of all - His Son who died on the cross so we could have eternal life when we believe in Him. 

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