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We knew bacon would get your attention :)    

And wow, what a great month February has been for us! God again allowed our support to increase by 10% since our last update. (We had a 10% increase in January AND in February - talk about a great start to 2018!) We are blessed that Faith Baptist Church of Monroe, Wi and several individuals have partnered with us. Our family is getting so excited about moving to Portugal. The talk around our house is really just all about that - “When are we moving to Portugal?” “Where will we live?” “What do you mean they don’t have bacon?!”  Our kids are joining in on the excitement and all the planning. 

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Another huge praise is that we likely will have a place to stay when we arrive in Portugal. Some missionary friends of ours will be moving out of their apartment in the next few months and their landlord has graciously said that he is willing to hold the apartment for us. The place will be affordable and large enough for our large (by European standards) family. The apartment is not located in Alcochete like we would have hoped, but it is in a nearby city and will buy us some time to search for a place in Alcochete. We are so thrilled that God is providing for our every need!    

Our hope is to be in Portugal by August and we are making plans with this goal in sight. We are daily going through our things and trying to decide what to take with us (this in itself is such a chore!) We also applied for passports for our kids (photo above) and once we get those we can begin working on getting our visas. 

With an apartment being made available to us and so that our kids can begin school in the fall, it seems that August would be the perfect time to arrive. Please pray with us that God will provide the remaining 17% of our needed support. Please also continue to pray that we will also be able to raise the remaining amount needed for our moving fund. 

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