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Baptism in Esztergom

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Wedding News: Our daughter Nancy was married on April 22nd in Jacksonville, Florida. We are very happy for Nancy and her husband, Keith Wood. They both love the Lord and look forward to serving Him together. The wedding was beautiful, and it was great to celebrate together with family and friends. Although our time in the US was short, we felt like we were able to spend a lot of time with all of our kids. Nancy and Keith plan to move to California this summer, where Keith will be in graduate school. Ben and Kelsi are nearing the end of deputation and are hoping to leave for Zanzibar by early summer. Esther just completed her second year at Trinity Baptist College. We are excited to see each of our children pursuing God’s plan for their lives.

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Budapest church plant:
We are now holding core group meetings every Sunday afternoon in downtown Budapest. Almost every week we have someone new visit who is interested in joining our church plant. Daniel and I have been meeting with these individuals to answer questions and to see if they will be a good fit with our philosophy and vision. We now have 31 adults on our list of potential members, with 13 who have committed to the church plant thus far and many others are still praying and seeking the Lord’s guidance in this area. Please pray that the Lord would lead us to exactly those people whom He wants to be a part of a new church in downtown Budapest.

Patton may 19 2Baptismal Service in Esztergom:
On March 24th I had the privilege of baptizing Gyorgy Pusztai. We have been praying intensively for the unsaved husbands of our church members. Gyorgy was one of those. He began attending church regularly, and at first seemed unmoved by the preaching. It was a joy to see a dramatic change in His life over the past year, as he moved from a passive observer to an active seeker of God. We are now praying for his adult children to come to the Lord.

Vertical Church Conference II.
Some of you may remember that we held a nationwide Vertical Church Conference last year in Kecskemet, Hungary. We had a remarkable turnout last year of about 400 participants from more than 90 churches. We will be holding our second conference this Friday and Saturday (May 10-11) once again in Kecskemet. We have been amazed to see even more interest this year. We have more that 650 registered from about 140 different churches! We sense a true hunger for the glory of God to be manifested in our churches in a fresh, new way. This year’s conference theme is discipleship. Please pray for the presence of God to be manifested in a special way, and that the Holy Spirit would fan the flames of greater passion for worship and missions!

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