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Let's be honest, it's been a tough year. Here in Peru nearly every sector of society is back open, except churches. As missionary/church planters, we pretty much have planned our entire lives around church. Now for over six and a half months it has been illegal to have church services. So what should we do when trials come? 

Over the last two months, we have focused every discipleship meeting, live stream, video message, and zoom group, on that point. What do you do in times of crisis? You go back to the basics. 

Our focus for the month has been to teach people to "breathe." These teachings have focused on Repentance, Faith in Christ, Baptism, and the leading of the Holy Spirit. God has been working! 

This Saturday we had the privilege of receiving Maritza, Walter, Gary, and Katherine into the fellowship. All four of them accepted Christ over the last few months! We are excited to see each of them begin to change their generational story through their new life in Jesus Christ. 

By faith, we declare that more baptisms are yet to come! Will you join us in prayer for this? 

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Radio Talk Show Last month, a gentleman from our local radio station approached us. He asked if we would be willing to host a 1-hour talk show every Tuesday night. After praying with our team, we accepted, and this week marked our 4th week hosting the talk show! Pray for increased influence for the gospel! 

We also want you to pray for our family as we plan a brief visit to the USA for the month of November. We will be mostly focusing on seeing family and a few activities with our kids (who have been shut inside all year). Pray for traveling safety!

Thank you so much for your support!

The Wollbrink Family


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