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Boas Festas

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November 30 was our one year anniversary for being here in Portugal and we are rejoicing in the many things that God has already done. 

When we first arrived, we understood very little. On Sunday we were able to get together and chat with our neighbors - in Portuguese, yes! - for close to 2 hours! This evening we are getting together with these same neighbors to bring in the new year :) We still have a lot to learn but it is nice to not be quite so lost!

In the first few months after we arrived we bought a car, bought insurance for it (one of us even had to learn to drive a stick shift.) Even going to the grocery store has been a learning process. The first time we went to the main store here, it was difficult to even find soap and shampoo! Thankfully, all of these things have gotten easier with time.    

Even our kids have adjusted well. They love their new school and all their teachers and friends. We are so thankful to God for their Christian school here in Lisbon.

And as we look ahead to this new year, we are excited to see how God will provide and direct. We will continue to study language this next year either with a tutor or at the university in Lisbon. Our kids will continue their schooling in Lisbon, as well, and perhaps begin some Portuguese lessons of their own. 

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We have a couple of important things that we need to mention and for which we ask you to be praying. In November Zoe was playing with one of our neighbors and she passed out. As you probably remember, she is one of our children with the heart condition, LQTS. This loop recorder will be put just under the skin close to her heart and will hopefully give us a better idea of what is going on. Mainly, we want to know if the fainting is a result of her heart condition where her heart could actually be beating erratically. The procedure itself is minor and will be done here in Portugal. 

Secondly, we are still in need of support. We appreciate so much those of you that have been praying with us about this. Please continue to pray!

We love you all and are so thankful for your prayer and support. Happy New Year!

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