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Bocas del Toro Trip

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The trip is complete! We recently finished the trip we had anticipated since November 28, the one about which we asked you to pray, and the Lord answered your prayers in incredible ways! 

There were 13 of us who went on this trip. Kenny Morris, a veteran missionary in Panamá was a great help, because he had been to this area many times in the past. Todd Lint, a good friend who is also a pastor in Bridgeport, AL, was a great help and encouragement. Other than Kenny, Todd, and myself, the other 10 who went were all Panamanians. As a result of the trip we learned many things:

  • There are many spiritual needs in the province.
  • There are many villages that have a church building, or a structure, but have no church body currently meeting.
  • There is a church that is faithfully serving the Lord in a village called Finca 4 (Farm 4). The pastor, Cornelio, loves the Lord, and the people desire to reach more people and villages with the gospel. 
  • It seems that both the Mora family (the family who feels called to move to Bocas del Toro) and pastor Amado (the pastor of the church in Río Indio) have a greater burden to reach this province with the gospel as a result of having gone with us on the trip. (We also share this burden with them.)

Not only was the trip beneficial, but the time we had to spend with Erik and his family, Amado and his family, and Otoniel was valuable in talking about missions, the condition of the Baptist church in Panamá, the great needs to evangelize, etc. 

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New Jerusalem Baptist Church in the village of Loma Bonita. Loma Bonita is one of several villages we visited that has a church building, or at least a structure, but there is no current ministry in the village. 

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Bethel Baptist Church in Finca 4. This is the church where Cornelio is the pastor. This is a vibrant church that is working hard to make a difference for the kingdom of God, but the people need, and want, help.

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The Mora family at the port town of Chirique Grande. This town may be a strategic location for at least two reasons. First, there is no current evangelical work. Second, many people come here from very remote villages to buy supplies. 

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Pictured left to right: Pastor Amado, Erik, Pastor Cornelio, Kenny, myself, and Todd. Cornelio pastors Bethel Baptist Church in Finca 4.


  • The Lord gave us a successful and productive trip to Bocas del Toro.
  • We had an encouraging visit from our friend Todd Lint. He went on the trip to Bocas del Toro.
  • Isaac finished kindergarten, and we celebrated on February 10!

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The group hiking from the main road to a remote village called Renacimiento. This is yet another village that has a structure but no active ministry. Once again, the need for missionary work in this area is tremendous. 

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Kenny, Clip, and Todd leaving the school property in the village of Loma Bonita. As a reminder, this village has a church structure, but there is currently no ministry.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that the Mora family will have a clear sense of understanding, peace and wisdom as they pursue the call they feel like the Lord has given them to be missionaries in Bocas del Toro. 
  • Please pray the church in Río Indio will continue prayerfully considering their part in sending out missionaries, specifically the Mora family.
  • We are currently meeting with 4 different groups for discipleship. Please pray that each person will grow spiritually, have a desire to share the gospel, and be committed to glorifying God in all areas of their lives. 

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