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Brazil 2016 - The Hanks

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Joni and Friends Outreach in Rio

We began our journey with Dinalva at the Refugio, and together we joined the Joni and Friends outreach in Rio. During the wheelchair distribution, there were many decisions for Christ and we seated around 220 people in wheelchairs. On the team, were John and Linda Brooks, (far right in the middle picture). This couple met Jenny on her very first mission trip to Cuba in 2006. Our Brazilian interpreters were great, helping in many different ways. The last photo shows Samuel holding one of the children while we look for a wheelchair that she will be able to sit in comfortably.

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The Refugio Outreach

On our return to Recife, we were joined by friends from Colorado and Brazil for the Refugio camp outreach. Barbara Hetzel, Sandra Abrahamson and Rachel Blake came from Colorado, and Sandra's sister Edi, from Tocantins, Brazil.
In addition to making more beds, Dinalva had a special project for us. This time, we made a Jangada ( a fishing raft). In the middle picture , Jonas is showing me how to build it. After we finished the boat, Rachel painted a beautiful picture of a boy in a wheelchair on the top.

Below, is a picture of our volunteers from Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil. This team drove twelve hours each way to join us. They cooked the meals, led us in worship music and carried everyone who needed help into the water.

This time, we had many new campers. God continues to bring us volunteers and lots of wonderful memories of our Christ filled adventures at the Refugio. We always remember how blessed we are to have your generous support for this ministry to those with special needs.

Peterson and Danielle (Our Refugio missionary family) are in need of a vehicle. If you can supply additional funds, please click the link below. Our next camp is scheduled for November 11-13, 2016. If you would like to help us with the next camp, go to

To learn more about this ministry check out Monte & Jenny's newsletters HERE.

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