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Building A Church In The Jungle

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Have you ever wondered how construction is done in the jungle where there are no roads - only river boats to haul materials? It can be a challenge!

Example: we had already constructed the roof of this church in NP and purchased the we needed sand and cement to build the walls and pour the concrete floor. Everything must be transported by boat. The photos explain the process…

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The sand is loaded into 50 lb. bags (feed sacks).

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These sacks are loaded aboard a large canoe and transported to the village.

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The sacks are carried one-by-one to the building site.

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The sacks of sand are piled where the concrete will be mixed.

The bags of cement are purchased and transported in a similar manner. The village men give their labor to help build the church.

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Disciples making disciples - even amid the pandemic, the work is going forward. Pastor Lolo is teaching these students the truths we have taught him. God's Word is changing lives!

COVID-19 has not stopped the work of the gospel! Your gifts have sponsored church construction in several remote villages, the purchase of study Bibles for pastors and leaders, eyeglasses and medicines for villagers, canoe construction for a Yagua pastor, and two boat motors for indigenous pastors during this year of 2020. Please pray for us and the indigenous people. COVID-19 is hitting hard in several villages. They have very limited medical opportunities.

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After finishing 27 lessons on Revelation, many people requested that we continue with other studies. God is encouraging hearts, not only in Costa Rica, but throughout Central and South America and even the USA.

Thank you for allowing us to be your outreach of Latin America. God is changing lives through His Word!

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