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Camp Refuge 2021

Hanks_Blog Feb 2021

Due to the pandemic, an all Brazilian team hosted the "Wheels for the World" outreach in Recife this year.  Our seasoned wheelchair therapists and mechanics traveled from Curitiba (1st Baptist Church of Curitiba) to partner with the Church (Abreu e Lima) in Recife.

Refuge_1                               Refuge_2

We are very thankful the 220 wheelchairs from joni&friends ( that had arrived in port last Fall, were finally released, and the distribution to Recife was able to take place this past month.  "Camp Refuge" recieved one hundred wheelchairs from joni&friends for distribution in the Northeast.

We are thankful that God is allowing the work at "Camp Refuge" to continue with Dinalva, Peterson and Dani being blessed with good health.  There are many that could not come to the distribution in Recife and we know Dinalva will be busy in the weeks and months aghead looking for those that need the gift of mobility and especially the message of the gospel!


Dinalva and Peterson continue the work of sharing God's word and providing for physical needs.  Please pray for safety and continued health as they travel to deliver the wheelchairs.

Refuge_4                            Refuge_3

   Jenny and I hope to join the work at the "Camp       
   Refuge" when we are able to travel again. 

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