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Purpose over Methods

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Corona Virus: Ministry has taken a drastic change with the worldwide outbreak of the new corona virus. Who would have thought that we would be holding our small group meetings online? We are also scrambling to put together a decent livestream of our Sunday services, so that we can not only minister to our churches, but also share the Gospel with people who don’t yet know the Lord. I am thankful for today’s technology which makes all of this possible. I truly believe this can be a time of growth for our churches, as we are forced to focus on purpose and not on methods, and we can be creative to do things differently than ever before. I also think we have a tremendous opportunity to reach new people online, as people are stuck in their homes and looking for a message of hope. Pray for us to use these opportunities to the best of our ability.

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Focus Church Budapest: The past two months have been great for solidifying our core group. I held two membership classes for people interested in joining our church. We also had personal meetings with each of them. In the end we added two new young couples and seven new single young adults to our church membership. We now have 42 committed members. Several have already jumped into ministry and small groups. Once again God has brought us some really quality people. I am especially glad to have two young adults from Catholic backgrounds come to the membership meetings. Both are university students. The young lady made a profession of faith and is preparing for baptism. The young man is very open, and we are praying for his salvation. Hopefully we will be able to add them to the membership later this year!

Esztergom Baptist Church: We spent the early part of the year doing painting and renovations on our church building in Esztergom. I was especially pleased to see one of our new young couples take the initiative in completely remodeling our nursery. They organized the men in our church to do almost all of the work, and they also purchased new furniture. We now have a beautiful new nursery. In Esztergom, I also met with people interested in baptism and membership a few weeks ago. We have one teen who wants to be baptized, and three adults who want to join the church. All this is kind of on hold now until the virus situation settles down.

patton march 20 1National ministry: In February I took a team to the Ukraine to minister with a Hungarian missionary we support. I preached and our team did the music for their winter camp. It was great to see the Lord work and use us there. We do thank you for your faithful prayers and support. Do join us in prayer for our support level to increase this year. God bless!

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