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Happy Easter to you all! We have had a busy month and an even busier beginning to April so we apologize for the late letter. We are excited to share what God has been doing here through the month of March.

The month started with an invitation to a Pre-Incan event. Each year, the town of Huaycan puts on an event to keep the culture and history of the Pre-Incans alive, since the town is based around a Pre-Incan archaeological site.  This year, they involved many of the children in the town to re-enact the meeting of the Incans and the Pre-Incans. This involved a reenactment of the worship of the sun god and the moon god, a dance of the two groups joining, and how the Incans brought in protection and materials. They ended the program with a reenactment on  how the Pre-Incans worshiped the moon. The event made it into national papers and was even featured on the news. We were honored that the community invited us to join this event (showing they are accepting us as part of the community) but it was a bitter sweet for us. We were told that no one in our area worships like the Pre-Incans do, but there are some villages in the jungle area that still carry on the traditions of this worship. We were also thankful to have the opportunity to share with our church children that it is the Creator of the moon that we worship and not the moon itself. We are thankful to have the opportunity to keep these children from confusion and answer their questions.

On the ministry side, we had another baby shower that was even bigger than the last. But before the shower, after sudden early birth of the baby, we had our first opportunity to go to the hospital to visit a church family. We have to say we have never seen such a large hospital in all our lives. It was enormous. We had a sweet time with the family and were one of the first to welcome Lizzy Mar to the world. Teresa, having her time table moved up, worked endlessly to prepare for the shower and the best way to use it for the spreading of the gospel. Praise God, it was a huge hit and many came that had never been to the church. We were able to  present the gospel and remind the community the huge responsibility of training the children with the Word of God. It was then even more exciting to see some of the guests of the baby shower come to the church the following Sunday and Wednesday. We are so thankful that God can use any event to share His message of salvation. 

 Here in Peru the Catholic church uses the celebration of Easter, as well as the days leading up to it, as a way to spread their traditions and lies. With the Catholic church becoming more active in our area due to the recent visit of the Pope, we felt it wise to begin preparation for Easter at the beginning of March. In that idea, we began teaching in the Sunday school and in the main service about Christ's death and resurrection along with planning dramas for the kids and specials for Easter Sunday and the Sunday before. 

Finally, we thankful to have family visitors. Teresa's unsaved brother came to spend time with us. Having unsaved family here is always a wonderful opportunity to share what we do and why we do it. We are praying it made a difference to her brother as he is now in contact with Patrick more, asking questions, and sharing his desire to read the Bible with guidance.

We also have a potential pastor candidate coming to preach this Wednesday. Please pray for God to work. Our church needs a Peruvian Pastor.

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