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LIFE CHANGE: Over the past 25 years I have read about as many missionary letters as anyone.  The operative word I often see is the word busy.  Yes, missionaries are busy people.  For Wendy and me, we are busy, but our word is change.  This past quarter has been the story of change in our lives.  We wrapped up our teaching responsibilities at Trinity.  We saw our youngest son, John, graduate from high school and go off to the Army.  We moved out of our home and Jacksonville to prepare for pre-field ministry and departure for Guyana, (anticipating early 2020)!

OUTREACH!  In the midst of everything going on, I was able to make a quick trip to Guyana in May.  I had anticipated finalizing the paperwork on our new ministry property, but the Lord clearly had other plans.  The property didn’t close, but the doors to ministry swung wide open.  Over a quick 4-day whirlwind trip through some of our village churches, we saw 31 people openly acknowledge that they had received Christ as Savior and they were not ashamed to say so!  Part of this was made possible when the owner of a local bar in White Creek invited us to minister in his business on Mother’s Day, after the morning church service.  When we arrived, he had cleaned the place up, prepared benches, and the crowd began to arrive. More than 100 people crowded inside and out to hear the song service and preaching.  God did the work that only he could do, and a number of people gave their heart to Christ on this Mother’s Day afternoon!

MINISTRY PARTNERSHIPS: One of the great rewards of missionary work is the wonderful partnerships we build with supporting churches.  The pastor and people of Good News Baptist Church in St. Maarten have become very special to us.  For the third year in a row I have been privileged to preach at this great church.  Not only do we enjoy sweet fellowship with the folks at Good News, but pastors from all over the Caribbean come for this special missions conference.  It was a joy to preach in the missions conference, Wednesday-Sunday, and find some time for rest during the day on this beautiful island in the Caribbean.  Pastor Webster is doing a remarkable job in this ministry and he has become a very dear friend to Wendy and me.

PARTNERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: God continues to reaffirm to Wendy and me that we have made the right move at the right time.  Evidence of this is in the growing list of ministry partners that are coming on board.  Our monthly support level is now over 50% and we have seen $80,000 given or promised toward our ministry campus projects (property, home, boat shed, church/training center, youth center, etc).  If you are interested in seeing our site plan, please let me know and I will be happy to send you a copy – we want you to be as excited as we are!

Prayer Requests:

  1. We need to sell our home and our rental home in Jacksonville.
  2. July 3-31 ministry trip to Guyana – evangelistic crusades, college team, and our annual youth camp.
  3. Churches to come on board – we want to continue to build healthy partnerships.
  4. Funding for our ministry campus in Guyana.
  5. Prayer for our family – 2 boys in the Army and another working in South Carolina. Wendy and I are adjusting to the empty nest!

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