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Chegadas // Arrivals

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Merry Christmas from Portugal! We arrived in Lisbon on Friday, November 30 and it was a blessing to have a home to go to when we arrived. Other missionary friends helped deliver all of our luggage to our new home and we were able to begin unpacking that very day. We even have a van that is being loaned to us (again, by some amazing friends!) so we are able to get around quite well. We are so thankful for friends who have been so helpful - we don’t know how we would have managed it all without them!

The kids began school the following Tuesday and they are loving it! We had the privilege of attending the school’s Christmas program this week and we were reminded of God’s rich blessings to us - that God would provide an affordable, Christian education for our kids fills our hearts with such joy and appreciation. We were able to meet some of their classmates and parents and our hearts are so encouraged.

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The kids are adjusting well. There is still a lot of talk about you all back in the states - they miss their home in Michigan, but they are happy being here at the same time. As Elijah said this morning, “I wish we had never come to Portugal because then I would never know to miss Portugal. If we were to go back to Michigan now, I would like being there, but I would miss Portugal.” It’s like wanting to be in two places at the same time :)

Our prayer requests are that we would continue to be able to get settled. We’ve spent so much time at Ikea these past few weeks that I think we know the entire store by heart now! Today we are setting up our couch and we plan to get some bunk beds for the kids next week. Please also pray regarding our residency permits. We will need to travel a few hours south of where we are living to obtain these. Please pray that all will go smoothly! The meeting for this is scheduled for January 31. Please also pray that our crate will arrive soon. It is taking longer to get here than we had planned - it’s supposed to arrive December 26 - and we are excited for it to arrive! (Talk about a perfect Christmas present!)
Thank you all for your faithful prayers and for checking in on us. We miss you all and are so encouraged by you!

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