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Family Life: Jack turned 10 last month in January and we went deep sea fishing to celebrate. He loved it. We caught a lot of fish but Mike spent the majority of the time seasick sitting in the cabin. Beyond that we are well, not perfect but doing better. God has brought many our way (some of you reading this) to encourage our hearts and minds in Christ through tangible expressions of love. Thank you!

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Church Life: God is building His church! But don't be fooled. We would be lying if we said we had it all figured out. He has been revealing Himself to us in special ways and specifically knitting our hearts together in Christ. We are currently working through Ephesians to see the high importance of unity that Christ desires for His church.

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Peters Fam Feb 20 3Here on the right, we are having our monthly leadership meeting as we plan and prepare for the month to come. God has grown many from within our church to step into leadership roles as we work to advance His kingdom. Pray for Holy Spirit to continue to empower us!

Peters Fam Feb 20 4Evangelism: Evangelism has been a unique experience for us. We have found that our home has been the most effective evangelistic tool we have seen thus far. On the left is a screen shot from a Facebook live that Jen did last Saturday. We had a youth night at the house and at least half of those who came were non-believers. They heard a short explanation of the Gospel but what's more is they got to experience the love of Christ via His church. Sunday morning service has also had many (and this isn't just for a cool sounding prayer letter) who are regularly attending that still do not consider themselves followers of Christ, but they are realizing little by little that Jesus is the only thing that satisfies. 


Watch a cool church video from a recent Sunday: 

Peters Fam Feb 20 6What I've been learning: As we have gone through the book of Ephesians and seen the priority placed on unity among believers, I (Mike) have sensed much conviction and motivation to repent of wrong attitudes toward other believers. Jen made a statement in passing last month in January (pictured right) and it hit me right between the eyes. It's so elementary but so powerful and so ignored. I wrote it down in my day planner as a continual reminder. Before I get angry, irritated, upset, disgusted, annoyed, bitter, vengeful, fearful, etc. at another person (especially other Christians) I must ask myself "Am I seeing them as God sees them or am I seeing them according to how I feel in the moment?" How many relationships at home, church and otherwise could be rescued by this thought? It didn't originate with me but rather with Christ. The Gospel compels me to extend the same graces to others that have been extended to me.

Please keep in touch with us through email, social medias, etc. & thank you for your part in building God's Kingdom in Spain!

Mike, Jen, Jack, Ollie & Henry

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