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God Is Sovereign & In Control

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Family Life

Greetings from Spain where it has been a combination of odd events and unusual adjustments combined with a lot of panic and uncertainty. All of these descriptors have been valid for us as I'm sure they have been for you. It's caused us a lot of family stress and conflict. Why pretend that everything is ok, right? But, this is where we let truth control our ever-wondering hearts.
***God. Is. Sovereignly. In. Control.***
This is still true.

Peters May 2020

Easter Sunday

Church Life

Peters May 2020 1You've seen this recently, yes? I bet you've even been a part of a few. We have been doing this regularly as we try to encourage each other. As beautiful as it has been to stay in touch, nothing compares to being face to face with our church family. This week we will finally be allowed to meet together again physically. We are so excited!

We are looking forward to working with Isaiah and Monica Fitch! They are from Ohio and have decided to be part of the church planting team here in Sevilla. We hosted them for two weeks in March as they got to know our church family and dream about furthering the Kingdom. Pray for them as they are at the beginning of their fundraising endeavours. God is able. We must believe this!

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Peters May 2020 3It has been awesome to see God grow leaders in our church! Matt, on the left, virtually preached our vision Sunday in English. He did an amazing job on Easter Sunday explaining the DNA of our church and challenging us to preach a risen Christ!

Cayetano and Mike, below, preached the Easter Sunday message in Spanish as we examined the validity of a resurrected Christ. We recorded the Spanish sermon and then shared it in a group chat with our entire neighbourhood. 

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In addition to this, as a church, we were able to send food and coffee to friends of ours who were in need. We not only were able to help them, but also we were able to help local businesses who have been struggling during this crisis.

Big News & A Big Need: check out this video by clicking on the image below.

Peters May 2020 5

Please keep in touch with us through email, social medias, etc. & thank you for your part in building God's Kingdom in Spain!

Mike, Jen, Jack, Ollie & Henry

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