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Communion at the River

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Family Life | There's now a Lego store in Sevilla! This is great news for the boys. We had to go and check it out on the opening day. Also, Mike is launching an enlglish project at the public school in our town. This will open up so many doors to minister to several families who need to hear the gospel. Pray for wisdom for us.

Peters Octo 19 2Church Family Life | Kendra has been a dear friend of ours for many years. Her family moved away more than three years ago, but God used her friendship with Jen to draw her to Him while she was here. Kendra's life has been different ever since she met Jesus! Her husband's job takes them all over the world but she made a special trip to visit our church in Sevilla to get baptized and publicly identify with Christ! Pray for Kendra as she is raising her children for Christ. Pray for her husband to believe on Christ as well.

Peters Oct 19 3Baptism & Communion at the River | We had a baptism and Lord's Supper by the river side last Sunday. This is the second time we have baptized in this location as we celebrated new life in Christ! Many non-believing friends of Kendra came to see her be baptized. They heard a clear gospel message as how we are only made right with God by faith in Jesus Christ. We followed up the sermon singing "I have decided to follow Jesus" and "Amazing Grace". Pray for the many who came that they would repent and believe on Christ alone for salvation.

What's Next? (Big News!) | On October 31, Cayetano and I (Mike) will be traveling to the US in a fundraising endeavor! Cayetano believed on Jesus and was baptized last year and has been so hungry for more of God. When I told him of my need to go stateside, he had the idea to quit his job and come with me. In doing so, he could share his testimony to the many people we will meet and show them the fruit of their involvement in world missions. Only Christ could create this kind of passion in Cayetano's heart!

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Pray for our safety as we travel for the whole of November. We would greatly appreciate any extra help in prayer and giving that you're able to contribute. We have meetings in NYC, DC, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta and Indianapolis to name a few. This trip will put us in the hole up front, but in the long run, it will help to rebuild our network as God continues to use us here in southern Spain. If you'd like to give a special gift toward this missions trip, please use the link below and label it "November trip". Thank you so much for your sacrificial giving to God's kingdom!

God bless you guys and thank you so much for being a part of what is going on here in Spain!
Mike, Jen, Jack, Ollie & Henry

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