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Dear Friends

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One of our favorite things during our recent furlough was speaking to and working with children. The group pictured here, along with the friend who made the scarves, sang in the Christmas program of our home church, Community Baptist, on Signal Mtn, Tennessee. Thanks kids, and great job!

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Dear friends who pray and give to help us, Glenda and I arrived back in France, as planned, on February 9 from a furlough which included much of what was not planned, at least not by us! I mean to say by that that there were unique opportunities, and as well, many things to care for which were difficult.

Thank you to dear friends who provided housing at our home base! During our travels, it was so good to return to nineteen churches which had given to our support need for many years. Beyond that, we made contact with or visited the services of thirty-two churches. So, we were busy working out details of these trips which took us over 12,000 miles from October through January. The testing part was those times and decisions about car maintenance and repair. We truly thank God and the churches visited for the gracious provision of funds for all these things!

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Much of Glenda’s time while at our home base was spent in caring for Glenda’s parents. Along with her sisters, Joy and Susan, and a few others, great care was given to “Nonna and Papa,” whose health is failing. Thanks for praying for the Morgan family. 

We had the wonderful opportunity to present how God is working in France to three Christian schools. These were great contacts, and were located in the Chicago area, in E. Moline, Illinois, and in Roanoke, Virginia. It’s so good to see that missions is presented to young people in Christian schools. These were perhaps among our most fruitful visits.

We are so thankful for people who tell us they are praying for our camp, but due to inscriptions which came in too late, and then a great lack of transportation, the Bible Camp of 2018 was called off. I am doing some footwork already for 2019, so do pray, please.

When we attended the Baptist church at Metz-Borny where we have served, we couldn’t but notice that there was about 25% more people in attendance. We learned of great advances and the probable salvation of the husband in a couple that both Glenda and I have worked with. The church is becoming multicultural, like the neighborhood where it is located. It has a growing number of men and women who are being trained to preach (the men) and to teach. We ask you to pray for the annual business meeting of March 4, and for the need to save toward a future pastor.

I announced the first Sunday after our return that I would plan to be out making visits as many weekends as possible, and I’ve had two young men who wish to come along, as well as Glenda. The first visits made went very well. Please pray, then, for the salvation of souls and the training of men and women in this work. 

On the side of our family, it was good to be with two of our three children, and their families. We got to see two grandsons be baptized (Rob and Caira’s boys), and we were happy to see how our two granddaughters are growing. On January 30, our daughter Becky had her first baby girl, Havva Elisabeth!

We want to invite those who would like to receive occasional e-mail updates to let us know that by writing to us via email. We share with you, too, that three supporting pastors went to be with the Lord since the summer of 2017.

Enjoying serving Christ through Global Faith Mission,
Paul and Glenda Stetson

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