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December Update

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Dear Friends,

We just wanted to send a quick update and take the opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. We had a special Christmas Eve service instead of our usual Thursday evening prayer meeting, and we had a blessed time with our church family. Please continue to pray for our church, as we continue to seek for a plot of land to build a building.

Earlier this month, we had a holiday club over three days for the kids. We had about 40 children in attendance, and we really felt the need for a bigger place. However, we were pleased that we were able to proclaim the Gospel to the children. My sister-in-law shared with us the news that our nephew, Mateo, made a profession of faith during the holiday club. While we understand the importance of differentiating between a profession of faith and faith itself, we were very pleased by the news. Please pray with us that Mateo will show evidence of true faith in his life and that he will love our Lord Jesus with all his heart.

At the end of October, we had a baptismal service and 3 ladies were baptized from the church. One of them comes from a Hindu background and came to know the Lord. Her unsaved husband was in attendance for the service and some of her other family members. Just recently, her husband has agreed to accompany her to church once a month. Pray that she will continue to be a witness to her lost family members, and that they will come to place their trust in Christ as well.

I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a man who has undertaken some work for us recently. His name is Dominic. Ask for open doors for me to continue to share about our Lord with him.

Recently, Becky and 11 other ladies of the church committed to memorizing Romans 12, reading through the book of Romans twice during the month of December, exercising 10 minutes a day and drinking 8 cups of water a day. They keep each other accountable, and I believe that it has been a very profitable effort. Pray that the bonds of Christian fellowship and community will be strengthened in our church and other Gospel centered congregations in Mauritius.

We would like to thank you for your faithful support and prayers during this past year. We do not take it for granted, and we sincerely appreciate your partnership in the Gospel ministry.Grenade 2