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December Letter from the Sirmons

Dear Friends and Supporters,

First off, we want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. May our Savior bless as we remember His coming into this world to seek and to save sinners. This is the best Christmas gift of all.

An update on my health: as you know, last summer we found out that I have prostate cancer. In the first biopsy, there was a suspicion that it was an aggressive form, but in September, when I had a second biopsy, it was found that it was not this form of prostate cancer. On November 23rd, I had a second MRI, which indicated that the nodule had not grown in size, but they discovered that there is a second, smaller one. The urologist wants to operate and the radiologist wants to radiate. But, I prefer to watch and wait, see if it will grow or not, and try some alternative treatments while waiting.

Prostate cancer is a slow growing cancer and most men will develop it, but it will never become life threatening as long as it doesn't metastasize. In my research on the web, I have found that there is much research being done in metabolic treatment for cancer. I am trying several of these types of treatments and praying that they may stop or even reverse the cancer’s progress if God so wills (google Dr Thomas Seyfried or Dr Laurent Schwartz).

I am doing fine otherwise. If they had not discovered the cancer by the PSA, and verified it with a MRI and biopsy, I would not have known there was a problem. But since it was found before spreading elsewhere in my body, I want to at least try to fight it with treatments that are less destructive than surgery or radiation. I really would like to find a doctor that understands the metabolic approach and that could counsel me what works best. So far, the doctors that I have seen only know the traditional approaches. Please pray with us that we can find such a doctor.

Otherwise, for the ministry here, the Lord has given us several encouraging opportunities to share the gospel. This last summer, our bakery closed as the baker and his wife have retired. But we have had an excellent contact with this couple and have a friendship with them.

Also, we had a good contact with the mother of a 10 year old girl from the neighborhood that has started coming to church. Then Judy has had some good contacts with some of Hanifa’s friends that we met at her funeral last year.

Next Sunday, (Dec. 18th) we will be having our Christmas program. Pray that there will be many visitors and that the gospel will touch hearts. The kids will do a short play and the choir will sing, then I will share the message of the greatest gift of God. The former bakery lady and her husband are planning to come!

My mother arrived on December 1st and will be with us until January 25th. We will be going to Toulouse with her on the 19th to spend Christmas with Rebecca and her family. Nathanael will join us and we will return to Lille on the 24th. While we will be there, Constance, our grand daughter, will be celebrating her first birthday, praise the Lord that she is doing well, after all the problems that she had. Pray that the trip goes well.

Pray that the contacts with our unsaved friends, will be used to introduce them to the one who loves them more than they know, the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave his life for us on the cross, to pay the penalty for our sins; that by simple faith, we can be forgiven and be reconciled with God. How we want our friends to be with us in our heavenly home.

May the Lord bless, and have a very wonderful Christmas.

Yours in Christ,
Greg and Judy Sirmons

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