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April Flew By

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Dear Co-laborers,

I can barely believe that April is gone. We’ve been so busy, it seems like the month has just disappeared. As many of you, our month revolved around the celebration of our Lord’s resurrection, and we are excited to tell you about all that He has done this month.

Patrick’s month started off with discipleship classes for our music leader as well as marriage counseling. He is meeting twice a week to train Papo in Theology and prepare him for his marriage that is coming up soon. Our hope is that Papo will continue to work and support his church as the youth pastor and music leader. We feel like he will be a massive blessing to the church and a great fit.

Teresa started the month with a ladies meeting. She realized that there was a need among the missionary community that the ladies did not have a time to gather, fellowship, and encourage each other. So, to that end, she began a monthly ladies meeting for the missionary ladies. It has been a great success, and a great encouragement to Teresa.

This Easter was the first event that we did not help plan. We stepped out completely and let the Peruvians make their own plans, purchases, and decisions. We did offer counsel and manual labor as any member of the church would, but even though we saw some issues, we kept quiet and let them work it out themselves. It was a bit nerve wracking, but the end was a success.

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On Easter Sunday we started the day by decorating the village court, and then started the service with singing. After the song service, we dismissed everyone to go to the court. The kids were then allowed to hunt for Easter eggs for a few mintues, and then we gathered under the court covering for the morning service. Pastor Agustin preached a great message about the empty tomb and how the Easter eggs are better empty because that means that what was inside is now out and can be enjoyed.

After the service we all ate watermelon and spent time together as a church while all the kids played. In total we had 60 people in attendance and many new visitors. Several adults and children made professions of faith, and Pastor Agustin has plans to follow up. Overall, it was a great success, and we praise the Lord that it all worked out.

Please feel free to contact us via email or through our Facebook page at “Pruetts in Peru”.  We have lots of photos there to see. Most importantly, we are thankful for your support. We can not do what God has asked us to do without you. Thank you!!

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