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As most of you may already know, we had to take Karis to the emergency room in July. She hadn’t been feeling well and we noticed that she had lost weight. We made an appointment with a pediatrician and even while we were waiting for this appointment Karis seemed to be getting worse. She would sleep most of the day and we were confident (and worried) that something was very wrong.


The pediatrician had never seen Karis before and thought that everything was fine. He assumed Covid-19 had caused some worry and anxiety for her. We are so thankful that God gave us wisdom and grace to ask for very specific testing. We had searched her symptoms online multiple times - probably too many times, to be honest. But some of the things that kept coming up were thyroid issues, diabetes, anemia and cancer. We asked about all of these things and in the end, the pediatrician said he would test for these things if it made us feel better. Of course, we said yes. Three days later we got the call that she had type 1 diabetes. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease where the pancreas stops functioning properly.

Karis stayed in the ER overnight and then was moved to the ICU mainly because of her heart condition. Unfortunately the high sugar levels had not been good for her heart. The ICU was the best place for them to be able to monitor her and be ready for any possible cardiac events. She only needed to stay there for one night and things began to improve both for her heart and for the diabetes. She stayed in the main hospital for another five days.

The heart condition and diabetes together are, in the words of our cardiologist in America, tricky to manage at the same time. But God has so greatly provided for us. He has given us all that we need - doctors both here and in the states, medicine, necessary devices for controlling the diabetes, and His presence here with us every step of the way. Karis is doing so much better! She’s gained all of her weight back (she had lost 23 percent of her body weight!) and so far, everything is looking great.

Some prayer requests that we do have are continued good reports for Karis’s heart. She did a 24 holter monitor for her heart and we are still waiting for those results. Normally we would need to wait at least a year to have an insulin pump for Karis, but because her health concerns are considered a priority we are hoping to have one for her in September. The cost for the supplies for the pump are €300 per month.