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Emergency in Peru - The Pruetts

Copy of state of emergency

We write to you mid-month because we are in the midst of a crisis here in Peru. As of yesterday, Lima and most of the country has been placed under a state of emergency. An abnormal amount of rain has fallen in places that have not seen rain in centuries. In the last few days, there has been ten times the amount of rain seen annually. This has caused massive mudslides and flooding on a level Peru has never seen. Due to the fact that none of this was expected, and have come in the form of flash floods, thousands have been displaced. Many have lost everything they own. Lives have been lost.

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The floods have swept down from the North of the country, but have now reached Lima. The three main rivers that flow around and threw Lima have flooded. Millions are without tap water due to contamination. Drinking water is scarce. Food is still available but low in stock. Many do not have a way to get out of their homes because the roads are closed/flooded. The river near our church has broken its banks and is now flooding into homes. We found families that are living in tents with nothing to sleep on and no means to cook or store food. We found more families with little to no food. And the rain continues to fall at night, and the rivers continue to destroy what is in their paths.

We write to you to ask you for your help. With disasters such as these, we have an open door to reach out to those affected to show them the love of Christ. We want to share with them His saving gospel. We want to reach spiritual needs as we are helping physical needs. We are in need of funds to purchase water, food, sleeping bags, flashlights, burners for cooking, clothes, and possibly tents. This is an urgent need. We have begun purchasing items already, using the fund we have set aside for the work on our new building, in hopes that the Lord will replenish those finances when we need them. We have already found 4 families who have lost everything and on Sunday, we will be looking for more families displaced or in need.

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If you would like to help financially, we ask that you send funds to our mission board. Please indicate you are sending it to us and that it is either for the disaster relief or to help replenish our diminished building church funds. If you would like to help through prayer, we have many requests. Please pray that the Lord will use this emergency to save many souls. Please pray that no more lives are lost due to the flooding or aftermath from the flooding. Please pray that the water companies can decontaminate the water and get tap water back to the 10 millions in Lima that are without. Please pray that drinking water becomes more available and food supplies stay available. Lastly, please pray for our safety and health, while we try to help others.

We thank you for all the support and prayer you have given us already. Please prayerfully consider our request. We have attached photos, but if you want to see videos and/or articles of what is going on, visit our Facebook page at Pruetts in Peru. If you have any question or comments, feel free to contact us.

Your faithfully missionaries,
Pruetts In Peru
Patrick, Teresa, Isabel, and Ezra

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