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Enduring Faith - The Wears Family - July 2017

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We have been on deputation now for 3 years. The deputation process isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a humiliating process. You see other missionaries excel at the process––some completing it in 2 years or less. There have been situations where our children were out of control and as a dad I had no clue what to do, moments when I have looked at our checking account thinking, “This isn’t working.” There have been times where it has been difficult to get ahold of a pastor yet alone obtain a meeting. People have told us they could never do what we are doing and honestly I think, “I don’t know if I can even do deputation.” 
You ask, “Would you do it again?” You betcha! The past couple of months I have had an opportunity to study the life of Abraham. Abram starts off as a nobody with a wife who is unable to bear children. Abram, whose name means father of many, was told he would be a great nation. A pretty embarrassing name when you can’t have children. God, as you know, promises Abram that through Sarah he would have children. Then God changes his name to Abraham, father of a multitude. Even more embarrassing! It wasn’t until Abraham and his wife were about 100 years old that they had their son, Isaac. It was a tough road for them. 
You know what the bible says about Abraham? He was “strong in faith” (Ro 4:20). Abraham endured disappointment and as a result was able to exercise faith in God. Our long deputation process has given us something incredible, an opportunity to exercise our faith that God will use us to reach the Portuguese for the glory of Christ. It’s like running a marathon. You begin running and the goal seems unreachable. Every step you take, every tree you pass, and every drop of sweat gets you just a little closer to the end.
Speaking of marathons, On November 4th David is “Running to Portugal” and he needs your help! How? Visit 
We are excited to share that since our last update two more churches have partnered with us. Calvary Chapel Baptist Church in Minster, OH and Emmanuel Baptist Church of Paulding, OH. 

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