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Establish the Work of our Hands

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The psalmist said, “Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish thou the work of our hands upon us.” I am thankful as a missionary… as a Christian, to have a home church who lets the Lord establish our work. October certainly was a month for Kingdom work. It’s a month of changing leaves, cooler weather (for other states), and children excited about getting lots of candy. As many churches prepare for fall festivals of different sorts, I am thankful that the Lord has also established the work of our hands, giving us the opportunity to morph a simple fall festival into a community wide celebration known as Family Fest.

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I praise God I got to serve as nearly twelve hundred souls filled our campus. What a great opportunity to serve the community! Available were trunk or treat, pony rides, free concessions, inflatables, prize drawings, and a gospel presentation. Everyone also left with a packet filled with information about our church and school, an activity book, a gospel tract, and more. This was a fun activity, but most importantly, it was a way to connect with folks who might have never considered attending a church service. Every relationship has a starting point; I pray many were started that day!

October was also a great month for the Guyana ministry. The Lord provided several new church contacts, two of which are definitely interested in becoming financial partners. Please pray as we work on scheduling a day to present the ministry to these churches. I am also excited to announce that one  new church and one new family have decided to become financial partners. The Lord is definitely at work in His people leading us to share, give, and pray together. As members of the body of Christ and the Guyana Ministry Team, please remember not only to pray for me, but also for one another. Even though many of you have never met, we each play a crucial role in multiplying disciples in Guyana!

     Here are some specific prayer requests:

  • Wisdom in my next stage of deputation - I believe the time has come for me to leave my job and dive into full time deputation. Pray for enough funds to come in to sustain myself and/or side opportunities that will not hinder ministry progress. Pray also as I look for new health insurance as my current plan is through my job.
  • My dad’s health - My dad is still suffering with the loss of strength in his legs. He has a neurologist appointment soon.
  • Revival - Pray for revival, growth, and strengthened spiritual discipline that I will walk with the Lord in holiness and accomplish the work of my hands which He has established! Pray this for my family as well. 

     Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support! Know that your sacrifice is fruit added to your Heavenly account!


     Nick LaRocca

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