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We were glad to receive the last of the wheelchairs from the Joni & Friends outreach in Recife, and were able to connect the chairs with those in need. 

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One of our challenges is our travel into the interior of Brazil which requires many miles over rugged terrain. Peterson is a local missionary and his little car strained under the heavy load of wheelchairs. We increasingly find ourselves needing dependable transportation. 

One of the people we helped during our trip was Everton, pictured below relaxing in his new wheelchair. He recently turned twenty-five and has been recognized by the government as an adult. This has halted his monthly disability checks from the government.  

Everton's mother was overwhelmed by the many forms she was required to fill out in order to receive support. The small monthly support had given her food and other essentials for Everton and his sister. She had been without this support for three months.

Besides the wheelchair, we were able to bring food, a Bible and an invitation to our next camp. The response was one of gratitude amongst many tears.  Hanks March 5

Hanks March 6The steep climb leading to Everton's house. 

Covid-19 has affected the whole world, including our area in Northeast Brazil and our trip home. The State Department's order to leave came quickly and without warning. And the airline sent a simple message. "Your flights are canceled, consider your options." And "If you plan on staying, there are no guarantees or help for you." 

We prayed for open doors and reluctantly began our journey back to the U.S. After two cancellations on flights from Recife to Miami, we finally secured airline tickets out of São Paulo. This would be the last flight before this airport closed for all international flights.

Getting out of Miami was even more of a challenge. After one canceled flight to Denver, we boarded another, and only after a short time, vacated this plane. A passenger had fallen ill. We finally boarded a plane after 12 hours in Miami and headed home to Colorado. 

We know some of you have been praying for our safety and we are grateful. We are thankful for our friends and family that made our trip home more comfortable. And now, we shelter in place, enjoying the forced solitude, but looking forward to our next trip to Brazil!

What's next for Camp Refuge? Our next distribution includes 220 wheelchairs and is scheduled for September with Joni and Friends. Camp is planned for October. We hope to return in early September to continue the work that is not finished. Please pray for our return and our friends at Camp Refuge.

2 Cor. 1:3 " Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort."

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