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Exalt, Encourage, and Evangelize

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At Iglesia Bautista de Costa Verde we are always talking about our purpose. We believe that, as a local church and as individuals, we are to exalt God, encourage other believers, and evangelize the lost. In fact, we find our greatest joy in fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives. It is a joy to serve the Lord and live for His kingdom. Additionally, it is great to know that glorifying God and seeking our joy are not in competition to one another, but rather are one and the same pursuit. 

It is hard to believe that we have now met for as many Sundays (6) as we did before the quarantine began. God is faithful! The members of our church are encouraged and excited to continue to meet together. Visitors continue to come each week. Although many people in Costa Verde are indifferent or cold to gospel, there is also a spiritual hunger among many others. Many people desire clear, practical, and biblical teaching. 

For example, late on Saturday, November 28, I (Clip) received a WhatsApp message from a man named Aaron, who found my phone number on the church’s Instagram account. He asked if he and his family could attend the service the next morning. He said he had never attended a Baptist church, but he found out about the church on social media. He and his wife are looking for a church with solid teaching. Fortunately, he, his wife, and his four children attended the next morning. They really enjoyed the service, and they have many questions. Please pray for the spiritual growth of this family and for many others in Costa Verde

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Trip to the United States

We are currently in the United States until December 22. The primary purpose of our trip is for Isaac’s eye appointments with his pediatric ophthalmologist in Chattanooga and his low vision specialist in Nashville. Of course, we are also enjoying time with family. We’ve been cold since we arrived, so it appears we have become accustomed to a tropical climate.

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Praise & Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for those in Costa Verde and throughout Panamá who desire to grow in their faith. Also, please continue praying that God will save many people in the country and region. We are not only praying for a spiritual great awakening in Panamá but also for a revival in the United States. 


  • Please pray that the Lord will provide someone to lead the worship music for our local church.


  • Please pray that all will go well with Isaac’s eye appointments. We are so thankful he has the opportunity to see good doctors.


  • We praise the Lord that He kept us safe and healthy during our travels to the United States. Please pray that we will have negative test results for COVID-19 on December 21, as that is required to enter the country. We’re not afraid to get the virus, but we are anxious to get back to Panamá.

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