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Fall Harvest Party

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We had a great time serving our community as the church!

Last month we had our fall harvest party and God really created so many amazing situations for us. The church family got involved and was eager to volunteer and connect with people from our neighborhood. Also, our local city hall heard that we did the fall party last year and decided to get involved. They voluntarily hung up lights and even donated money to help feed all the volunteer workers after the party. 

Gospel impact on the community

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It was an amazing thing to see our city respond in such a positive way to us as "foreigners" and even what they would consider "religious". In connecting with our community through something as simple as a party, many doors have been opened to love and share Christ. Just after the party, one father asked us, "as long as it isn't a bother, my family and I would like to come to your church one day." We thought, "well of course!" Little by little there is more and more openness to Christ.

Peters Nov 18 3All in all there were well over 400 people who came to the party. We had help from so many non-church people in the community and even a local policeman was eager to help organize!

Recently, we had service outside around a fire. We are praying for God to lead us in how to further grow together in Christ, but also how to grow practically. We will soon be out a of space and won't be able to continue to meet in our home. Pray God guides us and gives wisdom for the next steps.

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Family Stuff

God is providing for us as He always does and in His own unique ways as well. Now, when I say unique, I truly mean it because the form of provision which we are experiencing is anything but conventional. Jen has continued to teach English during the week for cash and she recently was asked to do administrative work at a shop nearby. The role of cleaning house, sorting homework and sometimes cooking has fallen to yours truly...Mike. On top of that, my entrepreneur wife started doing essential oils as a business a while back. Since she is otherwise occupied, guess who is doing it now?....yep! I dare ya to tell me it isn't manly either...(stops typing to dead-lift 350 lbs) LOL! (but really, if you wanna know about essential oils and how awesome they are or get a free sample, I'm your guy) "Wait, did he just shamelessly plug his oil business in a prayer letter?".......yeah, missionary gotta eat!

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Anyway, thank you for your prayers and support! We are grateful to God and His church for the opportunity to be a part of building His Kingdom here in Spain!

God bless you guys and thank you so much for being a part of what is going on here in Spain!

Mike, Jen, Jack, Ollie & Henry

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