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Family & Ministry News

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Family News:

On May the 5th both Nancy and Ben graduated from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida. It is hard to believe that four years have passed since we dropped them off to begin their studies! We are really proud of their hard work and faithfulness. Trinity was a great match for them and served as a great launching pad into adulthood. Nancy will be staying in the Jacksonville area for the time being. Ben and Kelsi are currently in Zambia, Africa participating in a three month missionary training program with Overland Missions. Please pray for God’s continued blessing on their lives and ministries.

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Esther had a great first year at Trinity. We are excited that she will be home in Hungary for most of the summer. Unfortunately most of her summer will be spent recovering from surgery on her ankle. Two years ago Esther tore a ligament in her ankle. An MRI was ordered, and the MRI
showed not only the torn ligament, but also an OCD (Osteochondritis Dissecans). Over the past months it has begun bothering her, so we have arranged for her to have corrective surgery here in Hungary, so she can recover during the summer months. Esther arrives on May 26th, will have
some presurgery tests the next week, and then hopefully the surgery in early June. Please pray for both the surgery and recovery to go well, so she will be back on her feet in time for the Fall semester in mid-August.

Ministry News:
April was an extremely busy month with many opportunities to influence other churches and ministries. Besides my usual duties in Esztergom, I preached in Balatonszemes, Komarom and Kisujszallas. I also met with a church planting team from Petofibanya to help them think through the next steps in their church plant, participated in a forum discussion on church growth at the annual meeting of the Baptist Union, participated in a board meeting at Word of Life Hungary, and met with the Vertical Church team to discuss future plans for the movement. Please pray that these investments would bear much fruit for the kingdom.

Future Coworkers:
From April 25-May 14th Alicia and Andrea Mays were here visiting our ministry.

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This was their second visit, and the Lord is leading them to come work with us full-time in the future. They are currently raising their support, and they hope to join us early next year. We enjoyed their visit, and we believe that they will be a great asset to our ministry. Please pray for their support to
come in quickly. If you would like to learn more about their plans and ministry, please contact them at

Marc, Charin, Nancy, Esther and Hannah Patton

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