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    January has been a great month for us! Our friends, David and Sarah Booth, were here in the states the beginning of the month and we greatly enjoyed catching up with them. As many of you know they are the family we will be working with in Portugal. It was exciting to discuss future plans and as always, our time spent with them was a great encouragement to our hearts. Our kids also had a great time with each other - it was wonderful be able to say, “Next time we see you will be in Portugal!” 

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    God has also increased our support by 10% this month! We began the month at 62% and are closing it out at 72%. We are grateful for First Baptist of Alto, MI, Grace Baptist of Muncie, IN and several individual partners. Our prayer had been that God would get us to 70% by the end of the month and God provided even a bit beyond that. Thank you for praying with us regarding this - God has heard and answered your prayers!
    We did hear back from the doctor regarding David’s genetic test this month as well. David does indeed have the gene, meaning that his diagnosis of Long QT Syndrome is now confirmed. We still need to set up the appointment for our children as they will all also need to have genetic testing completed. We appreciate your prayers in this regard as well.
    Some of you have asked how the recent health issues will affect our future plans. We have asked every single doctor that we have seen this exact same question - “Can we still go to Portugal?” And the answer every single time has been “Yes! Without a doubt.” We rejoice that while we do not like the diagnosis, God is still good and He is even still allowing us to go. Portugal will be able to offer us good health care and doctors that are comparable to that which is provided here in the US.
         Our support is increasing and we are looking forward to making this huge move soon. Please continue to pray for us as sometimes the list of things to do can seem very overwhelming. And please keep praying about that support - we still need to raise 28%! We’re so thankful for all of you.

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