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Fruitfulness During the Pandemic

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This year of 2020 has truly been different for all of us! COVID-19 has affected everyone's life is many ways. However in spite of the restrictions and obstacles, this year has been very productive for us.

With your partnership...

1) We sponsored the building of six churches in remote Indian villages. 

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2) We provided three seminars in Tikuna, Yagua, and Kokama villages (right before the COVID-19 restrictions began).

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3) We bought two outboard motors for two Indian pastors. This will make them more mobile and enable them to reach other villages with the gospel.

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4) We built a new canoe for another Indian pastor (he already had his motor, but his old canoe was rotten and beyond repair.)

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5) We have provided assistance (both medically and financially) to several Indian leaders and their villages during the COVID-19 crisis.

Virtual Ministry

The virtual ministry of recording Bible studies and messages and posting them on Facebook and our website continues to reach new contacts. One young lady who is a nutritionist shared this testimony with us:

"I have a real concern for my patients, not only physically, but also spiritually. My opportunities for sharing the gospel are somewhat limited, so I always direct my patients to your website, particularly the message, "Are you sure of your salvation?Several of my patients have thanked me for directing them to your website and Facebook page, and the Bible messages available there. I know that I will see some of my patients in heaven one day because of this gospel witness in their lives.  Thank you so much!"

The Future of Jungle Ministry?

Only our Sovereign God knows the future...but as soon as He opens the borders and allows us to travel, we will be back in the remote jungle and savannah villages reaching new people with the gospel and training believers to grow and share their faith in Christ.

Thank you for allowing us to be your outreach of Latin America. You, our special partners, continue to bless and uplift us by special gifts during this uncertain time. We realize that this is a difficult time for many churches, and we thank you for your faithfulness to the ministry.

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