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Furlough or Bust! - The Pardine Family

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Well, the time has come! We are packing up the parsonage and loading up the suitcases for our next family adventure. We are taking a year long furlough to visit our supporters and share what God has been doing here in Peru. It saddens us to leave the ministry behind for so long but we know that God is in control ALWAYS and that HE WILL be present here as well as wherever we are in the states.

Last night we held our last ladies meeting and I wanted to leave them with a message that would encourage them as well as spur them on to action.  We were studying Philippians 1:15-18 where Paul speaks about two different motives for proclaiming Christ, good vs. bad.  We came up with three good motives...
                         1. out of good will   2. out of love   3. in truth

And then it hit me!

This is exactly the message I wanted to leave with them. When we serve God it should not be for self-serving reasons, or to please the pastor (or his wife). I stressed that the very reason why I don't beg and plead for people to serve is because in order for it to please God that service must come from the heart....out of good will...out of love...and done in truth.  The ladies were encouraged and so was I. With full hearts we finish out this chapter and are ready to begin the next adventure!

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