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Dear friends, 

 We would like to thank all of you who took the time to pray for J last month. At the time there was a bit of a time crunch for him to obtain an interview at the embassy and book his flight to the US in time for matriculation. We are happy to let you know that he was able to obtain a timely interview and that he made in to the US in time for international student orientation. We would appreciate your continued prayers for him as he adapts to living in the US, being on his own and the educational system as well. 

 Two Sundays ago, following the morning service at church, the congregation went to the seaside for a baptism. A man named L made a profession of faith several months ago, and he was baptized. This past Saturday he moved to the UK. He really wanted to be baptized before moving to the UK as a testimony to his family members and friends that he has placed his confidence in Christ alone. We are thankful for the past months during which he attended church and was able to get some grounding in the scriptures and in christian doctrine. We would appreciate your prayers for him that his faith will endure that he will continue to grow in his christian walk. Please pray also that he will find a church family that is centered around the scriptures and that desires to honor Christ in all things. 

 This past Saturday after I got home from kids club with our boys, I saw someone whom I have not seen in many years. His name is E and he was a clerk at my high school. He is a Jehovah’s witness and he was making visits in the neighborhood. We talked about the scriptures and I shared Actes 4.12 with him emphasizing the importance of understanding biblical truths concerning Jesus. If Jesus is the name by which we must be saved, then what we believe about Jesus is crucial. Please pray that his spiritual understanding might be enlightened. 

 We appreciate your prayers for us and for the ministry in Mauritius. Please feel free to share requests of your own with us. 


Pascal and Becky

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