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God is Always Faithful

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We continue to work and make plans toward starting a seminary by doing due diligence in exploring our options. For instance, we are currently talking to lawyers so that we can know the legal requirements in Panamá for an institution to grant degrees. We also continue to study and research the best options for providing the classes.

Our desire, our passion, and our burden is to provide much-needed, quality theological education. Please continue to pray with us for the Lord’s wisdom, direction, and favor concerning a seminary. However, this month we would like to highlight something else …

Pray for Me Campaign

As you may remember, our home church is involved in the Pray for Me campaign. Not only are there adults at Mile Straight praying for students in their own church, but those adults are also praying for Panamanian students. We praise the Lord for these partnerships. 

One family, Dennis, Catherine, Bradley and Jackson Sills recently took a family mission trip. As part of the trip Catherine was able to meet Neris, the student for whom she is praying. Neris is a 12-year-old who has already faced many challenges in her life. It was encouraging for Catherine and Neris to be able to spend time together. It was also a tremendous blessing for Neris to have met someone who is committed to praying for her daily. 

The bond we have as brothers and sisters in Christ is very strong, and there is great comfort and encouragement knowing that others are praying for you. Only the Lord may fully know how Neris’ life will be impacted through prayer. 

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The Sills family with Neris.

Believers Receive Their Study Bibles

Our leadership class in Espave continues to go well, and we continue to make our way through the book of Acts. Everyone is starting to open up and participate more, which leads to a richer discussion and application of God’s Word. The group recently received their study Bibles for which they have worked so hard. By the way, it is your generous partnership that allowed us to provide these Bibles. Thank you!

Suddeth April 19 2

Those that received a study Bible at the church in Espave.  Everyone was so excited to get their Bible. 


The Lord is blessing here in Panamá in ways that continue to amaze us but not surprise us, because He is an amazing God. Clearly, not everything is perfect, but God is always faithful.

The Bible studies and times of discipleship we have both in our home and outside are going well, we're building good relationships with lost people in our neighborhood and community, and the Lord continues to not only expand, but strengthen, the relationships we have with national pastors. But, there is so much to do ...

We need wisdom. We need wisdom when to say yes and when to say no to opportunities. We need physical and spiritual strength. We are in constant need of God's grace, which He always abundantly supplies! Please continue to pray with us, and please know that we are always grateful.

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